Rail freight

The railway is a convenient and reliable way to transport any type of cargo. The network of Railways, covering Russia, Asian and European countries, allows you to organize rail transportation in the shortest possible time, planning a variety of routes. Russia, along with China and the United States, has long been among the world leaders in terms of rail freight: up to 80% of all freight turnover in Russia is carried out by rail.

"Continent logistic": railway transportation within and outside the country

The Continent logistic company will undertake the organization of a cargo transportation by rail, considering features of transportation of bulk, bulk and other freights. We organize container transportation and delivery of perishable products. If necessary, we use in addition to rail road transport. High speed, reliability, safety, low cost, the possibility of delivery over long distances – these are the main advantages of transportation of goods by rail. We offer our clients to take advantage of these advantages and entrust us with the organization of cargo transportation.