Customs clearance and customs control

The rapid expansion of business outside Russia is a new level, new prospects, but it entails new difficulties, the scale of which not everyone thinks. And difficulties begin when you have to deal with the customs structure, because the movement of goods across the border, regardless of whether it is export or import, requires careful preparation not only in terms of transportation of goods, but also in the correct execution of the necessary documentation. Customs clearance is a mandatory procedure for all categories of goods and vehicles crossing the state border. With the help of customs control is tracking the flow of goods under the current legislation. Theoretically, this is a simple procedure, which is elementary, at first glance, things: filling in the Declaration with all the detailed information about the goods and information about the buyer and seller, but in practice it is much more difficult. It is at this point that a customs representative can come to the rescue. Customs clearance and customs control in St. Petersburg-this is what our company is strong. We are ready to help everyone, regardless of the category of cargo and complexity of registration.


The package of services related to customs clearance includes:
Consultations on all questions concerning registration and passing of customs control.
Recommendations on the choice of the optimal method and route of cargo transportation.
Preliminary calculation of all costs associated with registration, delivery, customs clearance.
If necessary, urgent delivery of goods by air and prompt execution of the relevant documents, as well as delivery directly to the client at the specified location is allowed.

To understand the preliminary cost of services for registration or customs control of our company, you can use the feedback form or contact the company directly. But, as practice shows, pricing depends on many factors, up to the frequency of the client's appeal to the customs service, so the cost is set individually.