Cost of customs clearance

Наши преимущества


Our company has many years of experience in customs clearance of imports. We work in St. Petersburg and effectively interact with the structures involved in the customs clearance of goods. Import registration is an important, serious and paid procedure.

The cost of customs clearance depends on various factors – the nature of the goods, the volume of goods, the frequency of deliveries, but there are basic common criteria for the formation of the cost:

Customs payments in favor of the state established by the legislation (fixed rate for each group of goods).
The price for registration of a permissive package of documents, which depends on the type of documents.
The fee for customs clearance is set by the company providing the services.
Based on all the components of pricing, it is clear that the final cost is determined on an individual basis.

To calculate the approximate cost of the service, we suggest using the feedback form.