Customs clearance of goods from Europe

Logistics company "Continent" (St. Petersburg) carries out customs clearance of goods from different countries. Cargo turnover from Europe to Russia is growing every year, along with the increasing demand for customs clearance of goods. Preparation and collection of documents, as well as customs clearance of goods from Europe, we perform efficiently and quickly. Our experts begin to work even before the goods from Europe, the seller sends to Russia, so upon arrival of the goods the documentary base is already prepared, which means that the time for registration will take a little, which is an advantage of our company.


Customs clearance of goods is always carried out in accordance with the rules established at the legislative level, and passes through the algorithm. It is quite difficult to clear the cargo by yourself – it leads to waste of time, money and nerves. To avoid all this, you need to trust the professionals.

Customs clearance of cargo from Europe by our brokers includes:
Definition and establishment of commodity nomenclature code for each type of product. The procedure is very important because this code is used to calculate fees and charges.
Document check. If necessary, the package of documents is collected and processed again.
Currency control.
Registration of the customs Declaration, the data in which must comply with the data in other documents relating to the goods, otherwise there may be difficulties that will entail fines, sanctions, downtime of goods at customs.
Payment of fees and charges. This happens a few days before the arrival of the goods at customs, so that the money is transferred to the accounts of the recipients.
Temporary storage of cargo in warehouses designed for this purpose, and the selection of special equipment for cargo transportation.
Transfer of the full package of documentation for the cargo to the customs structure, full support at the customs and completion of the clearance procedure.
Making additional approvals, certificates, conclusions, and accompanying papers, it is also possible, but this is negotiated on an individual basis.

The pricing of customs clearance of goods from Europe directly depends on the duties and fees applied to a particular product category, on the specifics of the cargo, on rates and other factors, so the cost is calculated on an individual basis.