Customs and legislation are among the most volatile. Regular changes and complication of procedures make additional difficulties and nuances in interaction with state authorities at each stage of cargo delivery from abroad. Problematic and independent development of transportation schemes, the choice of transport. To avoid legal problems, material and time costs, it is advisable to use the services of a customs broker in Stavropol.

Broker "Continent" will reduce these risks to zero, providing competent support of cargo at each stage of delivery. An integrated approach ensures prompt transportation and crossing of the Russian border at the most favorable price. It offers clients experienced lawyers, logisticians and consultants who will take into account all the features of the cargo and the supplier country.

"Continent" provides a range of services in Stavropol, which are designed to facilitate the delivery, receipt and registration of cargo:

development of the most profitable logistic scheme of cargo delivery by any type of transport;
independent contact with the supplier for the provision of a full package of permits and technical documentation;
registration of goods on a turnkey basis, which includes the formation of a set of documents, the definition of the product code for the nomenclature of HS, calculation of duties, filling in the Declaration, interaction with customs authorities at the border;
assistance in obtaining certificates and permits;
the ability to use complex services or perform certain types of work.
The branch of the customs broker "Continent" in Stavropol will take over the interaction with the customs authorities and will make the delivery of goods from abroad unencumbered.

Our advantage:

The Continent company is presented at the market of customs and logistic services more than fifteen years. During this time we have gained invaluable experience of cooperation with relevant authorities and suppliers of goods from different countries. We are ready to take responsibility for the timely transportation of goods across the border of Russia and use all possible legal mechanisms to minimize the cost of customs clearance in Stavropol.

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