Customs card

Customs card is an ideal solution that allows you to quickly make customs payments. This is a universal tool that serves for the convenience of payment of taxes, duties and various fees collected during customs clearance with the help of Bank cards with a built-in microprocessor chip, the use of which eliminates unproductive costs and ensures timely transfer of paid funds to the account of the FC of the Russian Federation.


Customs card-a sure way to make customs payments around the clock all existing varieties in each of the customs authorities within the Russian Federation.

The procedure for making payments by card is as follows:

according to the Agreement on providing services of the customs representative (broker) on its Bank details the invoice on advance payment of the corresponding customs payments which is the basis for transfer by the client in advance of the necessary sum in General calculation is issued;
the funds transferred in advance upon their receipt to the account of the representative (broker) are automatically credited to the customer's customs card;
before starting the process of customs clearance of a particular product, the customer can use a special terminal, through which his / her customs card will be debited in a strictly defined amount;
in confirmation of payment of customs payments by means of the Card, the customer will be issued a check created by the terminal and certified by the signatures of the customs inspector and the customs card holder;
the presence of the check confirms the fact of transfer of funds to the Bank details of the customs authority, and the check is presented in conjunction with the SCD;
at the time of fixing the customs payments, the client and the broker certify the order for their payment with their signatures;
upon completion of the procedure of registration of the imported goods, the advance and actually transferred payments are reconciled, the unspent balance is returned to the client, and the overspent amount is subject to additional payment and is re-issued by a separate account.
Advantages of customs card

The most important and undoubted advantage of using a Customs card is the ability to perform the procedure of customs clearance in an accelerated mode, and without problems to use the reserved amount of money on the card to make payment of all customs payments without exception. In addition, Cardholders can make the procedure of registration at two or more customs posts at the same time without the need to plan in advance the place of customs clearance and characteristics of imported goods.

The cardholder does not need to make a preliminary Deposit in the Bank account of the customs office. There is also no need to issue a Bank guarantee to ensure that the client fulfils his financial obligations.

When using the Customs card and performing customs payments with its help, the Bank statement of the payer will contain detailed information about the date and amount of each specific payment in relation to the specific customs post where the registration procedure was carried out.

Target payments made by means of the card are credited to the details of the customs authorities in the FC of the Russian Federation. In this case, the implementation of any other payments is impossible, because they are automatically blocked. This ensures that funds are received only for their intended purpose. It is also very important that no one else will be able to use your card in case of its loss.

If during the customs clearance it turns out that the available funds at the disposal of the Customs card holder are not enough to pay for customs duties, it will be possible to complete the procedure without delay using our card.

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