"Customs Agency Continent" has issued a batch of fire equipment in Moldova

It is believed that one can endlessly look at three things - how water flows, how other people work and how fire burns, the main thing is that the latter is blazing in the fireplace, and not in the next apartment. Unfortunately, firefighters in Russia and abroad do not remain without work. Fires rage in cities and forests. To prevent them today in the arsenal of firefighters the latest equipment that allows to cope with the most complex fires.

Thus, the branch of the “Kontinent Customs Agency” in Nizhny Novgorod designed Dzerzhinsky fire-fighting equipment through the port. Cargo was heading from Russia to Moldova. The party included fire rods, elements for connecting fire pressure hoses, columns, fire buckets. The total weight of the equipment was 1006 kg for the amount of 1084761.28 rubles.

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