Innovations in taxation

Innovations in taxation

The government announced a series of measures to change tax laws.

Thus, from January 1, 2019, the VAT rate will increase from 18 to 20%.
The threshold for accelerated VAT refund will be reduced from 7 billion to 2 billion rubles. (companies can rely on tax refund when they buy goods with VAT included; now the Tax Code grants the company the right to an accelerated refund method if it paid at least 7 billion rubles. VAT, excises, profit tax and mineral extraction tax in the aggregate for the three previous years).
Terms of desk audits for VAT refunds will decrease.
VAT benefits for socially significant goods and services will remain (10% for food, children's and medical goods, as well as rates for domestic air transport).
The tax on movable property will be abolished. “Indefinitely” fixed at 22% the rate for employers ’contributions for compulsory pension insurance for employees (and 10% when the marginal base for contributions has been reached).
By 2023, the institution of collective taxpayers (consolidated groups of taxpayers) will be finally liquidated.
By 2025, the tax maneuver in the oil and gas industry will be completed: it consists in refusing the export duty on oil and oil products with a parallel increase in the tax on the extraction of mineral resources (oil and gas condensate).
From June 1, excise taxes on gasoline and diesel will be temporarily reduced. The government will change the structure of the distribution of excise taxes between the federal and regional budgets, which will make it possible to pay damages to the regions.
“On the one hand, changes in tax legislation impose an additional burden on entrepreneurs, which is likely to lead to higher prices for goods and services for the average consumer. However, on the other hand, it simplifies the procedure for VAT refunds for many companies by reducing the mandatory amount of taxes paid and reducing the time for desk tax audits. In general, changes are expected and correspond to the tax policy of the state, conducted since 2008, ”said Mikhail Lazarev, deputy head of the legal department of the Continent group of companies.

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