"Customs Agency Continent" provides a full range of customs and logistics services

Our company today has 10 branches throughout the country and is ready to offer its clients services related to the clearance of goods, their transportation both in Russia and abroad. The focus on integrated solutions is that we provide a wide range of services in the market of foreign economic activity. The mediator between the client and the customs structure is the customs representative. This is a legal entity involved in a large complex of events:

In addition, the company conducts regular consultations with the customer, if there are questions regarding the ordered service, the status of the shipment is also provided online. He frees the customer from all the hassles associated with customs clearance, regardless of whether the goods are imported or exported, thanks to which the participant in the foreign economic agreement saves money, time, and can confidently plan a further delivery schedule without worrying about breakdowns and contract violations.в.

The cost of a customs representative depends on many factors, but the main ones are:

The cost of the services of a customs broker does not include the price of the goods and its weight.

In order for the service provided by the customs representative to be performed efficiently and efficiently, the customer must submit to the contractor a package of documents relating to the cargo:

If there are not enough documents for any reasons, they can be issued by the customs representative, this is negotiated individually.

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