Delivery from abroad and legalization of cargo status on the territory of Russia are a complex, multifaceted set of procedures. After their successful completion, the cargo gets the right to move through the territory of the Customs Union and be used for its intended purpose. Any, even minor, errors in the formation of the route, the choice of transport, documentation, determining the amount of duty, the lack of certificates and permits inevitably lead to a loss of time and money. That is why successful individuals and legal entities, who know the value of their time, use the services of customs brokers.  The company "Continent" provides a full range of services for logistics and customs support of goods in Kazan.

Specialists of the customs broker "Continent" in Kazan are ready to take responsibility for the organization of the most favorable delivery and registration of any cargo. The process involves several separate procedures, each of which requires professional knowledge:

development of delivery route and choice of transport;
interaction with the seller and government authorities for the formation of a full set of certificates and permits, depending on the specifics of the cargo;
meeting at the border and customs clearance: the definition of the product code for the nomenclature of HS and the calculation of the fee, the competent filling of the Declaration, work with government agencies.
We also provide the ability to perform individual actions. If necessary, lawyers will defend the rights and interests of the client.

Why should you use the services of a customs broker in Kazan?

stability which is proved by long and successful functioning in the competitive market of services – more than fifteen years;
a team of highly qualified specialists of different profiles: logisticians, lawyers, consultants who will provide comprehensive coverage of the nuances of each procedure;
regular updating of the regulatory framework of legislation;
reasonable prices;
responsibility for the result and fulfillment of obligations to the client.
Please contact the customs broker "Continent", our experts guarantee timely delivery and subsequent clearance of goods in Kazan.