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The Continent group of companies offers its clients insurance services for cargo transported both in Russia and in the CIS and around the world. Insurance provides an additional guarantee of the safety of your cargo. 

Based on such characteristics as origin, physical and mechanical properties, chemical properties and purpose of transported goods, the classification groups are distinguished:

ore and coal;
metal and metal products;
building materials and structures;
wood, timber;
oil and petroleum products;
production equipment, machines, units, complete production lines;
vehicles and loading and unloading equipment, road-building machines and mechanisms;
devices, devices, measuring, regulating and controlling various processes of equipment;
office furniture, low-value and wearable items (MBP);
grain, legumes, flour;
farm animals;
household property of individuals;
non-ferrous and precious metals;
audio and video equipment, computers and office equipment;
glass, faience and porcelain;
fruits and vegetables;
perishable meat, dairy, confectionery and other products.
Most classification groups have risks of death or destruction, damage or loss (loss). Almost all types of cargo are at risk of theft or robbery during the route. Food products require special temperature conditions of storage during transport. Optical cargo (audio, video) requires appropriate packaging to avoid the risk of damage from impacts during loading / unloading.

In case of damage to the transported cargo, the customer shall send his claims to the freight forwarder or carrier. However, the admission of guilt does not always mean that the financial losses will be reimbursed in full.

The legislation of the Russian Federation and international conventions provide for the limit of liability of the international carrier for 1 kg of the weight of lost, missing or damaged (damaged) cargo, which can not exceed:

 2 SDR units for Maritime transport;
17 SDR / gross kg for air transport;
 8.33 SDR units for road transport;
17 SDR / gross kg for rail transport.
Moreover, the amount of compensation required may not exceed the value of the goods confirmed by the relevant documents (CMR, TTN, Invoice, invoice, customs Declaration, etc.).

Risks in the carriage of goods are assessed taking into account information not only about the cargo, the insured, but also about the carrier (transport organization). Accordingly, the cost of insurance services is determined individually and depends on the nature of the cargo, transportation route, mode of transport, cargo value, characteristics of the carrier, etc. 

At the request of the client, the specialists of Continent group of companies will carry out all the necessary procedures for the insurance of any goods following in any direction, offering optimal insurance programs. 

If you have any questions, you can contact any branch of Continent group of companies.

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