Each cargo that is to be delivered from abroad is subject to the procedures defined by the current legislation. They mean a list of specialized actions on the part of the seller and the buyer, filling and collection of documents, interaction with the supplier of goods and customs authorities. The procedures are complex and require maximum involvement and knowledge of legal nuances. It is simply impossible for non-professionals to keep track of regularly changing laws, to study the subtleties of filling in documents and forming a set of permits, since in each case these aspects will be individual. No less difficult is the preparation of a profitable and practical logistics delivery scheme.

The risks of violation of the rules of interaction with the relevant government bodies are great: temporary, material losses, penalties, failure of agreements and loss of trust of partners. These negative aspects are easily avoided if you use the services of a customs broker. The Continent company has a representative office in Belgorod and is ready to provide comprehensive assistance and support in the field of customs and logistics services.

Employees of the Continent broker in Belgorod have the necessary experience and qualifications to provide a specialized range of services at all stages of transportation:

development of optimal logistic scheme of delivery by any mode of transport;
interaction with the supplier and control the formation of a package of permits for a particular cargo;
work with government authorities to obtain certificates;
preparation for customs clearance: determination of the product code for the nomenclature of HS, calculation of duties, filling in the Declaration;
meeting cargo at the border and its registration under the key.
Using the services of a customs broker "Continent" in Belgorod you will only get on the border issued in accordance with all the rules of the goods and use it for its intended purpose.

For you are qualified experts who are thoroughly versed in clearance and logistics. We are ready to help legal entities and individuals, while ensuring a responsible approach.

We are trusted because we:

we have experience in the market of customs services for more than fifteen years;
we constantly monitor changes in legislation;
we provide services of experts of different profile: lawyers, logisticians, consultants in the office in Belgorod;
we offer affordable prices, formed on mutually beneficial terms;
we work on a turnkey basis, covering the entire range of customs and logistics services.
With the customs broker "Continent" (Belgorod) Your cargo will quickly cross the border without unforeseen material costs!