Air transportation

Air transportation is the fastest way of cargo delivery, and in some cases also the most convenient, because it eliminates the need for a good roadway (if you want to deliver fragile cargo), sea routes (border area or transportation from one country to another).  In addition, experience shows that delivering small consignments from the United States or Japan is much cheaper by air than, for example, by sea.  

Our company organizes air transportation of goods around the world, their consolidation in warehouses and further delivery to the warehouse of the recipient. Implementation of the whole complex by one forwarder allows you to perform such a service as quickly as possible and agreed at all stages. We work with agents that are members of the IATA Association. 

When ordering the air delivery service, You can be sure that the transportation of your cargo will be carried out in compliance with all safety requirements. 

To place a request for international transportation, you can fill out an application (we consider only 50 kg)