Customs clearance of cargoes

The Continent customs service renders services in St. Petersburg in cleaning of the exported and imported goods of all categories without exception. In addition, we are engaged in customs clearance of cars, customs clearance of goods from Europe, China, CIS countries. The popular service today is the customs clearance of cargoes. Delivery of small parcels in demand among individuals and legal entities, because in a short time and little money you can get the necessary goods from abroad. Also, groupage cargo is economically justified for owners of small and medium businesses who buy small wholesale products in Turkey, Italy or China. But, as a rule, the transport companies deliver the parcel to the customs office, and here there are problems associated with customs clearance, which overpower their own few people under force. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for a person to understand the nuances of customs procedures and keep track of frequently changing legislation.

The service we provide for customs clearance of cargoes includes:
Selection of HS code for each product category. This is an important procedure, on which the amounts of some charges will depend in the future.
Preparation of customs Declaration.
Certification of goods of all categories, including technical description of products.
Collection of licenses and other documents for the goods.
Cargo insurance.
Storage of goods in a warehouse if necessary.
Verification of exchange controls, checking the correctness of determining the customs value of the products.
Support and control of the cargo during customs clearance and until it is received by the buyer.
Customs clearance and registration of cargoes has its own specifics, and only a professional can understand it. In addition, the client can receive answers to any questions and consult with the broker of the company.

The timing of the registration process depends on the duration of the two procedures:
Submission of the Declaration for products to the customs authority. It may take a maximum of two weeks from the moment the goods arrive at the customs office to the submission of the document.
Inspection of Declaration and arrival of goods. This procedure takes three working days. This is followed by the release of products and sending the goods to the point of shipment. For experienced brokers of the customs company the full procedure of registration and delivery of cargo takes 2-3 hours.
Pricing of customs clearance of cargoes
The formation of the cost of this procedure depends on many factors. This list includes:

Product category.
Producing country.
Volume and weight of goods.
Transportation cost.
Excise duty for a certain group of goods.
The presence or necessity in the certificates.
But, as practice shows, for each client the final cost is negotiated and set individually, as an important role in the formation of prices can play the pricing policy of the customs company.