Customs clearance from Germany: price

Customs service "Continent", which is located in St. Petersburg, provides services for registration of import/export documentation for all categories of goods. The popular service is customs clearance of goods from Germany, in particular, cars, the price of which attracts Russian citizens. For customs clearance of cars from Germany, it is necessary to collect a package of documents and make a number of payments, and that the procedure does not become protracted and tedious, it is necessary to resort to the services of a customs broker who will issue the procedure as soon as possible.

For customs clearance cars from Germany will need a set of documents, which includes:
Technical passport for the car.
A document confirming the legality of ownership of machinery, special equipment, for example, the contract of sale.
Certificate confirming that the car is removed from the register.
Customs declaration.
In addition, copies of documents certified by a notary must be attached to the originals.

In addition to the package of documents provided duties and other payments that will need to be paid. Duties directly depend on the type of engine of the customs-cleared cars.

For cars with gasoline, hybrid and diesel engines, the following types of payments are provided:
Customs clearance fee. The amount of payment depends on the cost of vehicles imported from Germany.
Recycling fee. It is provided for all types of cars, including electric cars, and is calculated at a single rate.
Customs duty. The rate of customs duty may be different. It is calculated depending on the type and volume of the car engine and the cost. For example, if we talk about the duty for legal entities, it varies from 48 to 54%.
VAT. This tax is paid by legal entities. The fixed rate is 18%.
Excise. Payment for legal entities the amount of the excise tax depends on engine power of the machine.
Taxes on the import of electric vehicles are slightly different from tax payments for gasoline and diesel cars and are calculated according to separate formulas.