Таможенное оформление грузов из Китая

Customs clearance of goods from China has become a popular service in recent years. This is due to the increase in exports of goods from China to Russia. In order to avoid problems and unnecessary financial expenses, you need the right approach to the paperwork for customs clearance. This will help the customs service "Continent", which assumes all obligations for registration of documents.

Why to order the service of customs clearance of goods from China is profitable with us: 
We deliver goods by any type of transport.
We have our own equipped warehouses, where the cargo is first collected from all the factories, checked properly, and only then the documents are issued.
We insure the goods, thus minimizing all the permissible risks during transportation.
We provide financial guarantees to the customer.
At the request of the client, we deliver the goods directly to the customer at the specified location.
In addition, we can help with the registration of a foreign trade participant, correctly draw up a foreign economic contract, as well as solve all legal issues related to customs clearance of goods from China.

Stages of customs clearance
Submission of notification to the customs authorities, which occurs at the time of receipt of the goods.
Obtaining a package of documents (including Declaration, certification, etc.). Electronic Declaration is an important procedure that requires special attention, since even a minor error can have consequences in the form of fines.
Implementation of all measures aimed at control of the submitted information specified in the customs Declaration.
Customs control of cargo before release.
Delivery of cargo that has passed customs clearance.
The cost of customs clearance of goods from China includes:
Collection of all necessary documents (declarations, invoices).
Providing a package of documents and, if necessary, representing the interests of the customer at customs.
Full control of cargo inspection.
Calculation of all customs payments to be made.
For fast and high-quality customs clearance of goods from China, the following documents are required:
The contract concluded between the seller and the buyer.
Shipping documents.
Payment documents confirming payment of customs duties.
Transaction passport.
Document confirming the origin of the cargo.
Insurance papers.
Packing list.
In addition, there are international documents that may be required. It depends on the category of cargo.