Registration of customs documents

As part of the services for the organization of import/export of products, our company prepares and prepares customs documents for the export of goods outside Russia for the purpose of their delivery to foreign buyers with whom the seller has a contract.


Providing customers in St. Petersburg this service, we:
quickly and legally competent to execute documentation;
we provide insurance and certification of export goods;
we provide a set of documents to the customs structure. Registration and submission take place in electronic form;
carefully check the cargo;
we control the actions of representatives of the customs structure, so that everything happens within the law.
In addition, we consult at all stages of preparation and registration.

Stages of customs clearance of documents
Collection and registration of documents confirming the legality of the export of goods outside the state. The set of documents includes: customs Declaration, certificates for goods and bill of lading.
Verification of compliance of documents for the goods, as well as control of pricing of the customs value of goods.
Verification of the legality of the actions of the carrier and customs officers.
Due to the experience and qualification of our center's staff, the execution of all documents and release of cargo at customs takes only 2-3 hours.

List of documents provided to the customs broker
Documents submitted during the initial registration at the customs post and the initial registration of the goods, in accordance with the Annex to the "Temporary order of the centralized collection of information about the participants of foreign trade".

№ Name of the document type of certification number of copies.
1 Founding documents: the Charter and the constituent contract with amendments and additions Notarized 1
2 Minutes of the General meeting of founders, containing the decision of the meeting, including the change of the authorized capital Notarized 1
3 certificate of registration with tax authorities Notarized 1
4 certificate of entry into the Unified state register Notarized 1
5 certificate from the state Committee on codes / not older than six months / Notarized 1
6 information from the Bank about the opening of ruble and foreign currency accounts /not older than one month/ 1 Original
7 balance sheet for the last reporting period the Copy certified by the seal and the signature of the head of the organization from the original balance sheet having the mark of tax authority about its acceptance 1
8 Documents confirming the right of ownership / lease / premises, including Copies at the place of state Registration, certified by the seal of the organization and the signature of the head 1
9 Orders /minutes/decisions / on the appointment of the Director General and the chief accountant Copies certified by the seal of the organization and the signature of the head 1
10 Employment contract with the General Director and chief accountant Copies certified by the seal of the organization and the signature of the head 1
11 Passports of the General Director and chief accountant Copies certified by the seal of the organization and the signature of the head 1
12 foreign trade contract Copies, certified by the seal of the organization and the signature of the head 1
13 transaction Passport Copies stamped by the Bank 1
List of documents and information required for customs clearance of goods for import
Constituent document:
copy of the Charter (Memorandum of Association), including registered
amendments to constituent documents;
a copy of the Certificate of registration in the IMNS;
a copy of the Certificate of "state statistics Committee»;
copy of state registration Certificate (OGRN code);
copies of Certificates from the Bank on the availability of accounts (valid for 1 month from the date of issue).
Documents confirming the authority of the General Director (copies of the decision or minutes of the meeting of founders, the order of appointment).
Copy of the passport of the General Director.
A copy of the Certificate from the Inspectorate of the INN and KPP of the Director General.
A copy of the Contract (Contract), including Additions, Changes, Specifications related to the declared goods or an extract from the Contract, provided that it contains the information necessary for customs clearance, if the movement of goods across the border of the Russian Federation or a change in the customs regime is made for the purpose of execution of the Contract.
A letter of non-insurance of cargo (or a copy of insurance).
Permits, licenses, certificates (forms "A", conformity, origin, veterinary, etc.), certificate of analysis (which indicates the percentage of the product), a copy of the export Declaration, if necessary.
Packing and / or Invoice (originals), indicating the code of goods for HS, the cost for customs clearance (preferably in the currency of the contract), the main technical characteristics, labeling, net weight, gross, gross without pallets, layout of cargo (number of packages, boxes, pallets (with the allocation of pallet weight separately) + a copy of the Specification to the Contract for this supply (if the contract is not a framework)).
Passport of import deal (original + certified copy by company seal and signature of the first person).
Transport (transportation) documents on which the international transportation is carried out (or was carried out).
Documents confirming payment of customs duties (procedures, duties, VAT).
Power of attorney for the declarant, confirming his authority on behalf of the company to make registration of the SCD + employment agreement for the declarant.
Seal of the Consignee company (if the SCD is issued under the seal of the Consignee) or a copy of the Brokerage agreement (if the SCD is issued under the brokerage seal).
Other documents and information not included in this List, but the provision of which is required by the customs authorities in accordance with other regulatory legal acts of the state customs Committee of the Russian Federation, or which the Recipient deems necessary to provide further.
If the Receiving company is registered for the first time in the area of the Baltic customs, the following additional documents are required:
Copy of the order on appointment to the position of chief accountant.
Copy of the chief accountant's passport.
A copy of the Certificate from the Inspectorate of the INN and KPP of the chief accountant.
Copies of employment records (or employment contracts) of the General Director and chief accountant.
Copies of the Insurance certificate of the state pension insurance of the General Director and the chief accountant.
Certificate of IMNS on confirmation of tax accounting and absence of debt (valid for 3 months from the date of issue).
A copy of The balance sheet for the last reporting period.
A copy of the lease of the premises.
Contact phone number:
General Director (home, work, mobile)
Chief accountant (home, work, mobile)
For non-residents-confirmation of the right to work in the territory of the Russian Federation from the migration service.