Electronic, electronic industry


  • compact handheld readers (scanners) of RFID tags
  • Disulfurization (purification) systems for single-use natural gas
  • TULSION PTR-1 ion exchange resin based on styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer compound
  • TV surveillance cameras for installation on construction sites
  • parts of base stations, PVC-sheathed high-power cables
  • base stations for digital cellular communications
  • AC high-voltage automatic bridges with built-in reference capacitors for measuring electrical capacitance
  • USB dongles with encryption features
  • drum drums


  • network of regional offices
  • work through ECD
  • Representation at a large number of customs posts
  • delivery of goods anywhere in the world by various modes of transport
  • your certification department
  • Profile Analysis Department


  • development of the optimal route for cargo
  • customs brokerage services
  • cargo insurance on favorable terms
  • freight forwarding
  • delivery to the customer’s door


  • O2 Active LLC
  • CJSC Analytical Center
  • BrisEnergo LLC
  • ZTI Technologies LLC
  • Cable Company Askold Ltd.
  • NIRIT-SINVEY Telecom Technology Ltd.
  • Natex LLC
  • Smart-Optima LLC
  • ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) LLC