New EEC Certification Regulation

New EEC Certification Regulation

Dear Clients!

On July 1, 2018, the EEC Board Decision No. 41 dated March 20, 2017 “On the Procedure for Registration, Suspension, Resumption and Termination of Product Declarations for Complying with Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union” comes into force.

Thus, applicants from 01.07.2018, in addition to documents and information previously provided in accordance with the repealed Decision No. 76, will need to attach to the declaration of conformity copies of evidentiary materials, the submission of which for registration of the declaration of compliance is provided for by technical regulations (technical regulations), including the results of studies (tests) and measurements of products, confirming compliance with the requirements of technical regulations (technical regulations), the effect of which on it spread Runyan (in the case of technical regulations provided for research (tests) and measurements of declared production), stamped (unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation - a member of the Eurasian Economic Union) and signed by the applicant.

Registration of declarations of conformity without attachment of scanned copies of relevant documents will be impossible!

“In connection with the changes that have come about, which are caused by an increase in the quality control of products imported into the Russian Federation, we recommend that you prepare the necessary permits in advance,” said Yaroslavna Kramarenko, head of the St. Petersburg branch of the Customs Agency Continent.

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