Any cargo that needs to be delivered from another country goes through a number of preparatory operations and procedures: determining the optimal method and route of delivery, collecting certificates and permits, interaction with the seller, meeting the goods at the border and customs clearance. The cargo owner can independently organize and control all these processes. However, they require deep professional knowledge in various fields and constant monitoring of changes in customs legislation. The slightest mistakes and lack of documents cause serious problems: material and time costs, penalties, delay of cargo and failure of delivery agreements.

To avoid problems, you should use the services of a customs broker in Barnaul. The company "Continent" provides a full range of legal, logistics, consulting services in the customs sphere, which will allow to deliver and legalize any cargo quickly and as low as possible.

The representative office of the customs broker "Continent" in Barnaul has been working in the field of customs and logistics services for more than fifteen years. Over such a long period of constant practice, we have learned to find an individual approach to each case, using all legal mechanisms to reduce costs.

We are ready to take responsibility for:

delivery and registration of goods on a turnkey basis or performance of separate procedures;
the development of the shortest best logistic scheme of delivery to Barnaul;
implementation of the complex of operations for customs clearance: the definition of the product code for the nomenclature of HS, calculation of duties, filling in the Declaration, interaction with government agencies;
obtaining certificates and permits.
Delivery and registration of goods on a turnkey basis saves your time for work or leisure, you do not have to spend effort to organize the delivery of goods, collection and documentation. Our qualified specialists will do it.

Advantages of customs broker services:

In addition to many years of experience, the main value of the broker "Continent" in Barnaul - competent professionals who are constantly improving their skills and update knowledge in accordance with the latest changes in legislation. In addition, we offer the best prices, as we are interested in long-term cooperation.

Contact us – our services are reliable and profitable.